to the first intensive online course with Aida Bogomolova, which will take place in Zoom on October 17-18/24-25, 2020!


  • 4 days/16 hours  of intensive online classes with Aida Bogomolova
  • theory, technique, warm-up / basic ways to develop body capabilities as preparation for dance
  • 2 exclusive complete choreographies learned in details
  • 2 exclusive tracks of music created for Aida Bogomolova (by the composer and musicians in Cairo)
  • homework, personal feedback for each choreography to each participant
  • 2 closed live broadcasts in the Zoom account to discuss the workflow and its results
    and…a lot of dance, knowledge and much more to share together!

Being a dancer means to work hard and to study all the time.

Learn the culture of the dance, work on the technique, find and create your own style and manner of dancing…

This intensive course will help you to develop and improve your dance level, enrich your dance vocabulary, give you a new perspective on musicality and methods of music visualization in dance.

If your motivation is love to dance, a desire for self-development, willingness to know more, to be better, then get ready to work on yourself and remember: little things make big things happen.”

Aida Bogomolova.

Thanks Aida and all the beautiful women that I shared a week of dance with in Italy. Your talent, skill and beauty is superb. Your gracefulness and honesty really inspired me. Looking forward to training with you again in the near future:)

Rosalba Jasso

Dear Girls, I hope you arrived safe at home and had a great time in Italy. I just sent you a email with the music used during the Intensive Course with Aida Bogomolova. Have a lot of fun practicing it. 🙂 Thank you for creating such a great energy, especially on the Saturday. I enjoyed sharing the stage with you all and every day we spent together! I hope to see you all again soon. Love and kisses


Ya os estoy echando de menos 🙁 I am missing you right now girls Mi mancate un sacco adesso ragazze ;( I have you all in my heart

Rocio Vicent