Prices and rules

Prices and rules

The cost of an intensive course: 670€.

The price includes: 25 hours of training + insurance issued by the course organizers.

Additional options and events are added at the request of the participants:

  • Gala dinner at the restaurant: 35€
  • Open stage /performance of the participants: 35€
  • The excursion: 25€

Terms and methods of payment:

All registration fees are non-refundable, except for cancellation of the intensity. If your plans have changed and you are unable to attend the intensive course, you can transfer your paid package to another dancer with mandatory notification of the organizers.

You can to make a split payment for your participation: -50% on the day of registration and 50% until 15.08.2010.

In the case of non-payment for the second part before 15.08.2012 a fine of 50€ is provided, which is payable concurrently with the second part before the intensive.

Payment methods

(exact data for transfers will be provided upon completion of the registration process):

PayPal – from the account of the payment system or Visa/ MasterCard. Instant enrollment.

Банковский перевод SWIFT to the Bank of Italy. Enrollment within 3-10 working days.

Payment terms

The first part of the payment (or full payment at the request of the participant) must be made no later than 5 working days after the completed registration on the intensive website. If no payment is received within this period, the booking will be cancelled.

The receipt of the transfer from the payment system, Bank transfer, etc. is a mandatory confirmation of payment.


The participant, when completing registration questionnaire and confirming participation in the intensive course, assumes all responsibility for the state of his health for himself and must independently regulate the level of physical activity during classes