Prices and rules

Prices and rules

Course attendance conditions:

  • Aida’s class will be streamed live via Zoom Room (please, Download the Zoom App to your device) to be able to join.
  • 20-30 minutes before the start of the course you will receive your login and password for the class stream in zoom with the official e-mail course It is recommended to check the spam folder if you do not see our e-mail in the “inbox”.
  • The name of your Zoom Room must match your name when registering for the course, so that we can see the presence of registered course participants.
  • Your microphone must be muted during classes. 10-15 minutes before the end of the class, all the participants will have the opportunity to ask quick questions. You will be able to ask more questions according to the subjects of the classes of the course during Friday’s live stream in which we will discuss the details of our workflow.
  • Course group limit is 50 people
  • No video recording is allowed during the classes.
  • On Sunday evening each of the participants will receive recorded videos of the learned choreography to be able to practice it at home. The videos will be recorded: slowly with an explanation face in the mirror + with music face in the mirror and face in the camera.
  • During the course, the participants will have homework: every Monday and Tuesday (after the study of choreography is completed on Sunday) the participant will work on the choreography and will record a video of the dance on camera until Wednesday.
  • Every Wednesday, before 12 am, the participant sends a video to  email (mentioning the name of the participant) to receive personal feedback from Aida
  • The participant will receive feedback before 3 pm every Friday of the intensive. With the maximum number of the participants, sending of the feedback can be delayed and postponed to another day, which will be announced later.
  • The level of the course is initially provided for amateurs and professionals, but since we will slowly work on each choreography on the course (2 days for 1 choreography), beginner-level dancers can also take part in the course. At the same time, every beginner should remember that they may face some difficulties in learning  and repetition of combinations, but it always leads to growth and development 🙂
  • At the end of the course, each participant will receive an electronic personal certificate of the completion of Aida Bogomolova’s online intensive course.


Full online intensive course price  – 280 euro, includes:

  • 4 days/16 hours of classes,
  • 2 exclusive complete choreographies learned in detail
  • 2 exclusive tracks of music created for Aida Bogomolova (by the composer and musicians in Cairo)
  • 2 personal feedbacks on the learned choreographies
  • 2  live broadcasts in the Zoom account to discuss the workflow and its result

Half online intensive course price – 170 euro  includes:

  • 2 days / 8 hours of classes,
  • 1 exclusive complete choreographies learned in detail
  • 1 exclusive tracks of music created for Aida Bogomolova (by the composer and musicians in Cairo)
  • 1 exclusive complete choreography learned in detail
  • 1 live broadcast in the Zoom account to discuss the workflow and its result

*If you choose the half course package, then you can choose one of the weekends – October 17/18, or October 24/25

Terms and methods of payment

All registration fees are non-refundable, except for cancellation of the intensity. If your plans have changed and you are unable to attend the intensive course, you can transfer your paid package to another dancer with mandatory notification of the organizers.

Payment methods

(exact data for transfers will be provided upon the completion of the registration process):

PayPal – from the account of the payment system or Visa/ MasterCard. Instant enrollment. Subject to additional 3.5% payment processing fee.
Bank transfer SWIFT to the Bank of Italy. Enrollment within 3-10 working days.

Payment terms

The payment  must be made no later than 5 working days after the completed registration on the intensive website. If no payment is received within this period, the booking will be cancelled.

The receipt of the transfer from the payment system, Bank transfer, etc. is a mandatory confirmation of payment.


  • In accordance with the Law on protection of privacy and copyright, no video recording is allowed during online courses or the replication of closed online broadcasts available only to course participants and their personal use only. It will be protected from copying by a security system with hidden codes, which will be personally assigned to each participant and if the video is filmed and published anywhere, this system will make it possible to identify the identity of the person who published or forwarded the video to a third party.
  • All copyrights to the music for the choreography of the intensive course provided to the participants (included in the course fee) are fully owned by Aida Bogomolova. When purchasing music, you can use it for performances, filming your video and posting it on the Internet, or other activities which are  not  involved  in your commercial activities. It is not allowed to post this music anywhere on the Internet (where it will be available for download), it is not allowed to sell / to give this music to the  third parties.
  • It is forbidden to distribute, transfer to third parties or post anywhere on the Internet videos of the performances (given as educational material within this intensive course) performed by the organizer and teacher of the course Aida Bogomolova, provided to the course participants as additional material for the intensive. This is for personal use only by the course student. Course participants have the full right to independently work with these choreographies learned during the course, use for their own performances on stage, record videos of their own performance of these choreographies and post them online (preferably mentioning the author).

*Violation of these clauses and agreements will result in a fine (the amount of which will be determined individually), as well as it may have administrative and legal liability.